RISE: Learn from the Best in the Industry

Tiger is a Learning Lab where you collaborate and grow at an advanced pace.

— Merry Ann Mathew, IIM Shillong

Tiger Analytics (TA): Hi Merry, you’ve been with us as an intern at Tiger Analytics, could you share a little bit of your journey with us… How has it been for you?

Merry: I got the opportunity to intern with Tiger Analytics as a part of ‘RISE – Step in Success’ – the Summer Internship Program for Consulting 2022. This two-month-long internship was something I was looking forward to as I wanted to explore what it meant to be a Consultant in AI and analytics.

Before the program began, all expectations were laid out, and the plan was shared well in advance. Setting objectives and expectations ahead of time helped us interns to acquaint ourselves with the tools and technologies we would need to employ during the internship.

TA: Once the excitement of the onboarding is done, that’s when the real fun starts, right? Was there any experience that stood out for you?

Merry: After the initial meet-and-greet, we dove into various onboarding procedures and were assigned a case and a project each, along with a mentor. For me, one of the highlights of the program was the mentorship. I was blessed to have an amazing mentor, and the company meant it when they said we would get to learn from the best in the industry. I had a wonderful opportunity to work closely with my mentor and learn alongside senior leadership in Consulting. I am thankful to the mentors who invested their valuable time to handhold, guide, and mold me in the ‘Tiger Way’.

TA: Hands-on learning can be very different from theoretical learning. How would you say your internship helped you put your knowledge to use?

Merry: This internship is a great way for interns to step into the shoes of a Consultant in a corporate setting. The case and the project I worked on involved immense learning and opportunities to interact with members of the Tiger Tribe (as the employees love to call themselves) and a few chosen clients. I learned how to employ a systematic approach to my work, formulate strategies, and derive value from propensity models.

What I particularly enjoyed was exploring how a project is managed and implemented at a large-scale analytics firm and the different engagement models involved. During this process, I got to interact with some of the best Consultants, who showed me new perspectives and ways of thinking.

TA: What was it like for you, being a part of the Tiger Tribe and working with our bunch of enthusiastic and passionate team members?

Merry: One question I would end up asking everyone I spoke to at Tiger was, “What is that one thing about Tiger that drives you every day?” The most common answer was the culture at Tiger Analytics – something the company and the people there have worked hard to develop over the years. The environment allows everyone to explore, learn and innovate, which was evident right from the onboarding process. The emphasis is on collective well-being, continuous learning, self-motivation, and a constant sense of curiosity.

Work aside, the Interns’ Day celebration was a great way for us to interact and bond with our peers and leaders. The company also gave us platforms to nurture ideas for in-depth discussions, both formal and informal.

TA: Any last words or impressions you’d take with you as a part of this internship journey?

Merry: What I walked away with after these two months at Tiger Analytics was a realization that data has no limits, and nor do the people who make the company what it is.


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