Decision Intelligence

The Next Frontier
with AI & Gen AI

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    Industry Expert Panelists


    Kishor Gummaraju

    Chief Customer Officer,
    Tiger Analytics

    Panel of Guest Speakers

    Rowan Curran

    Senior Analyst,
    Forrester Research

    Shashank Kadetotad

    Global Head, Data Sciences,

    Sriram Krishnamurthy

    Head of AI & Data Science,
    Tiger Analytics

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    What Will You Learn

    The webinar aims to explore the revolutionary impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) on decision intelligence. Participants will learn how these cutting-edge technologies reshape the decision-making landscape across various industries.

    Key Highlights

    • Overview of the trends around Decision Intelligence leveraging AI & GenAI
    • Real-time case studies highlighting successful AI-driven decision-making processes
    • Perspectives on the maturity of the technology and some of the patterns evolving in solutions deployed.
    • Discussion on challenges faced and approaches being worked on to mitigate the same
    • Implications for organizations on how to Reimagine and Realize the future state of AI-Driven Decision Intelligence

    Rowan Curran's take on Enterprise Gen AI

    Real world use cases highlighting successful AI-driven decision-making processes

    Getting back to basics of data strategy

    Future state of AI-driven Decision Intelligence: Two-pronged Approach

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