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A dream team
and an epic journey




As the story goes...

It’s the year 2011.

Mahesh Kumar, a professor, is researching data mining and statistics applications for business. He observed that more and more companies are approaching him to conduct research and develop solutions for some of their business problems using data & analytics. An entrepreneur at heart, he can see a clear trend.

Pradeep Gulipalli, a data scientist, is engrossed in building mathematical models and simulations of customers, products, and markets. He has a front seat view of how companies were beginning to use analytics. A technologist at heart, he is excited by the enormity of what is to come.

They connect. They bring together an initial team of 10 rookie data scientists and engineers, across the Silicon Valley – in USA and Chennai – in India. They claim this ‘dream team’ to be the best zero-to-one team they can think of. This group starts creating path-breaking ML solutions to business problems, triggering an epic journey.

Cut to 2023, Tiger Analytics works with 100+ clients worldwide, building cutting-edge solutions using AI and Advanced analytics, enabling them to transition into a new world where human ingenuity is augmented by artificial intelligence. Some of the best minds in the industry from the leadership team, steering the ship.

From a team of 10 to a diverse tribe of 4000. From a home office to presence across five continents. From ML solutions to enterprise AI. A lot has changed since we began.

What continues is the deep expertise, shared curiosity, extreme trust, and a daringness to act.

Tiger Chronicles
Meet the founders
Mahesh Kumar
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Pradeep Gulipalli
Co-founder & Chief Executive - India
Our commitment
Prioritize long-term value for our customers
Our Commitment

In today’s ever-changing technological landscape, it’s easy to be distracted by the shiny new toys. We don’t use technology just because it is hot. We don’t solve a problem just because it is cool.

We keep our customers honest about the long-term value of the projects we take up. They should solve an important problem that eventually delivers business value. That’s the only way we can be trusted partners to our clients.

Build a safe and inclusive workplace
Our Commitment

We are committed to building a workplace where people feel safe and valued. A workplace that reflects the diverse personalities we are, and respects our strengths and weaknesses.

As a new-age professional organization, we ensure individuals get to do high quality work and are mentored to realize their potential.

Serve our communities
Our Commitment

Fostering a commitment to knowledge sharing, community service, and sustainability is a huge part of our culture. We’ve come together as a tribe many times to use AI for the good of the communities we live in.

Harnessing ML to solve big challenges – pandemic responses, cancer research, and rural healthcare initiatives.

Working with universities to grant scholarships, develop curricula, upskilling faculty, mentor students, and more.

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