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In a complex world clouded with ambiguity, certainty is power

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We’re Tiger

We’re passionate about solving some of the toughest business problems out there using AI and analytics


We’re Tiger

We’re passionate about solving some of the toughest business problems out there using AI and analytics


Providing certainty for a better tomorrow


We live in a world rife with complexity, where conditions remain ever volatile. Ability to absorb ambiguous signals, plan strategically and respond confidently is how businesses and societies can thrive. We help our customers navigate this uncertainty, helping them move forth decisively. We provide certainty for a better tomorrow.

We’re pushing the boundaries of what AI and Analytics can do to not just solve some of the toughest problems but reimagine new possibilities. In identifying the right problems to solve, questioning possibilities, and getting to the bottom of our clients’ world – we’re relentlessly seeking, solving, challenging, and growing.

This is possible in a workplace culture that enables world-class technologists and consultants to perform at their very best.

Focus Focus
Mahesh Kumar
Founder & Chief Executive Officer 
Business leaders need to navigate through a lot of complexity, ambiguity, and constraints - a fog of uncertainty. We cut through this fog, using AI & Analytics, enabling businesses to have a clear understanding of implications of the possible paths forward.

At Tiger Analytics, that's our vision and passion - providing our customers the certainty to move forward with confidence.
The Tiger Gene

In our pursuit of providing certainty for our clients, we’re continuously evolving. Following industry best practices can get one only so far. Handling complexity and creating exceptional value requires us to push the boundaries in multiple dimensions. And that is possible when we put together teams with a potent blend of attitude and expertise – an ownership mindset, a future-focused approach, expertise, and a daringness to experiment – we call this the Tiger Gene.

An ownership mindset
Our Approach

The entrepreneurial streak that started our journey continues to shape our thinking and decision making. Our teams operate with flexibility and autonomy, but are highly accountable. This has helped us nurture some of the industry’s best teams and leaders.

A future-focused approach
Our Approach

We solve not just for the present but for what the future might hold. We build for scale. We account for the visible today and the uncertain tomorrow. As trusted partners to the world’s biggest brands, we are future-focused and constantly reimagining creating long-term value for our customers.

Strong expertise
Our Approach

The best solutions are built when generalists and specialists work together. Data scientists, engineers, developers, statisticians, domain experts, strategy consultants, designers, experience consultants etc bring a breadth of perspectives and a gamut of deep problem solving skills.

Daring to experiment
Our Approach

Uncommon problems often require an unconventional approach. Breakthroughs in performance happen via learning experiments. Our teams operate in an environment where there’s freedom to experiment, fail, learn, and evolve. Resilient teams backed by a safety-net can do wonders.

Focus Focus
Pradeep Gulipalli
Co-founder & Chief Executive - India
The pursuit of rethinking what AI & Analytics can do for some of the toughest problems is no mean feat. This requires our teams to build expertise and character that goes beyond playbooks and best practices. This is the Tiger Gene - the building blocks of our problem-solving DNA that enables us to create exceptional value, even in hazy conditions.
Our ways of working
Winning as a Tribe
Our ways of working

To solve some of the toughest problems of the world, it takes more than just intelligence, hard work, and a lofty vision.

Great work happens in an environment where every kind of intelligence thrives, where everyone finds purpose, and when values don’t bind but liberate people to operate at their best.

Micro start-ups with a shared vision

We are very diverse teams working out from locations across the globe. But what drives us is a shared vision of helping our clients navigate complexity and move forward with certainty.

We operate like a network of micro start-ups, where each team is empowered to make their own decisions and act on what’s right. Driven by extreme collaboration and trust, teams work in harmony taking us closer to our shared vision.

Reinventing ourselves via relentless learning

To be at the forefront of emerging technologies, solving hitherto unsolved problems, and being trusted partners to industry giants requires a culture of continuous learning and reinventing ourselves. Our teams swear by the rush of the steep learning-curves they go through – on the job and beyond.

Supported by robust learning opportunities, every individual is encouraged to continuously learn, upskill and stay ahead of peers in the industry.

This is why clients seek Tiger teams when ordinary is not enough.

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A workplace where everyone thrives

No two individuals share the same growth trajectory. We enable people to own their unique growth path through:

Mentorship: A unique nurturing ecosystem where every individual has a mentor who helps them excel at their job and molds them professionally.

Merit-driven growth: The highest emphasis we place on merit-driven growth propels our people at the speed they deserve.

Work-life Flexibility: Our flexible work arrangements enable people to overlay unique life situations and business needs, and bring their best to work.

Respect for others in the team

If there’s one compass that’s guided us in how we act, our decisions, how we work together, navigate challenges, it’s this. Respect doesn’t mean being submissive to every situation; it is about how we treat each other’s opinions, ideas, time, feedback, constraints, and life beyond work – especially when they are different from our personal point of view. Our modern team structures are built around this core value.

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