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What does one seek from work?

Whether someone is starting their first job or is a seasoned professional, being with the right teams in the right ecosystem can significantly amplify one’s efforts.

At Tiger Analytics, you will find avenues to learn, opportunities to make an impact, and the mentorship you need. You’ll experience a community of diverse minds that challenges your perspectives as much as it shares your passion. All this in an ecosystem where work-life harmony is taken seriously.

Join us. Amplify your potential.


Amplify expertise


Stay on top of the game

Be part of futuristic techno-functional teams. Work with some of the brightest minds in the industry. Solve some of the toughest problems out there. Do cutting edge work and be at the center of AI action.

Build depth, experience breadth

Dive deep into one area of specialization, work with world-class experts. Collaborate with cross-functional teams across business, design, ML, data, product, ops etc. Evolve as a well-rounded professional.


Amplify growth


Own your growth

Explore a myriad of learning opportunities – on-the-job coaching, tech bootcamps, industry workshops, hackathons, masterclasses etc. Sign up for assignments that challenge you. Take on roles beyond your comfort zone.

Be guided by mentors

Be guided by an experienced mentor – in facing work challenges, picking right learning avenues, growth opportunities, long-term career planning. Accelerate your career with coaching from people who’ve walked the road.

Amplify life


Design your work-life balance

We are a tribe with a shared vision, but we are not a family. We prioritize our families back at home. We don’t work on weekends and ensure everyone takes their vacations. We don’t glorify working crazy hours.

Integrate fun into work

All work and no play makes Tiger a housecat. We’re a buzzing workplace with 20+ hobby groups, music jam Fridays, talent showcases, at-work celebrations, sports teams – experience it to believe it.


Amplify impact


Challenge the status-quo

You’ll get the opportunity to work on projects that can have an exponential impact for your clients. You will help them navigate today’s complexity and ambiguity using AI and analytics. You’ll challenge the status quo.

Give back to communities

Find a deeper purpose by being part of ‘Tribe for a Cause’ community initiatives. From AI-for-good projects to social volunteering. Work with NGOs, governments, schools, hospitals, universities etc – find your cause.

Stories from the Tribe

Focus Focus
Srilekha Das
Talent Management, India

“No rockstar mindset” – I’d never heard of this hiring mandate before. But that’s precisely one of the things that sets Tiger Analytics apart. We have our rockstars – some of the world’s leading data scientists and engineers – but Tiger Analytics leads with empathy and respect. Here, I’ve seen the unwavering support for team members allows all to take risks, experiment, make mistakes, and learn from them. I’ve learnt to continuously grow by competing with myself and collaborating with others. What does it take to become a part of the Tiger Tribe? Transparency, ownership, and a hunger for learning are what I look for when hiring for Tiger Analytics.

Focus Focus
HJ Feng
Data Science Consulting, US

Across all the companies I’ve worked with, Tiger Analytics has the best culture. I’ve experienced how the company cares for its employees and truly appreciates the value each of us brings. This sense of achievement and belonging is what I believe makes up our Tiger Tribe. It keeps me wanting to do more and be more!

Focus Focus
Preeti Vijayan
Technology Consulting, India

Life at Tiger Analytics has been strikingly different from other organizations in many ways. The most crucial is a high focus on employee wellbeing. The culture promotes and facilitates an environment that enables you to strike a balance between professional and personal life. Working with colleagues who make you feel appreciated and acknowledge your contributions has been a rewarding experience. Tiger Analytics has the mechanisms in place to nurture the areas you are good at and seamlessly develop your talent, thereby paving the way for professional growth. It’s a warm, welcoming, and empowering tribe at Tiger Analytics, and it brings out the best in you.

Focus Focus
Rhett Curry
Analytics Consulting, US

I’ll always remember the feeling of accomplishment when the product I’d created for a customer was customized and then used by them to achieve their goals. As my journey with them evolved, so did the way we’ve used and adapted that product – increasing capabilities, scaling to fit different markets and maturity levels. We’ve always done things differently at Tiger Analytics. Creativity, innovation, agility – we’ve lived out these principles by working hands-on on different projects. With so many learning opportunities opening up, I’m excited to explore new possibilities!

Focus Focus
Nitin Jain
Consulting, India

Enabling better healthcare, working to minimize the effects of climate change, detecting and mitigating financial turmoil – it’s all in a day’s work for the data scientists and engineers at Tiger Analytics. I feel a sense of purpose every day, knowing that the AI and analytics projects we work on have the potential to make the world a better place. What we do matters, but how we do it – ethically, responsibly, and sustainably. At Tiger Analytics, that matters too.

Focus Focus
Saurabh Bhatia
Analytics Consulting, US

I’m an intrepreneur at Tiger Analytics. That’s what keeps me passionate and driven. With the support, resources, and guidance I’ve received in my four years here, I’ve had the opportunity to build and nurture multiple account relationships from scratch. The flexibility and autonomy Tiger Analytics gives me really pay homage to its entrepreneurship spirit! I feel valued and empowered here.

Focus Focus
Lipy Tyagi
Data Engineering, India

My leads trust me and my capabilities. That’s what has empowered me to learn and grow at Tiger Analytics, both personally and professionally. I experienced this first-hand when I wanted to advance my data modeling skills. An opportunity opened up, and I volunteered to T-SQL code for my project. For this, I actually took up learning T-SQL, and with my team’s support and guidance, I was successful! A culture that encourages you to take risks, try new things fearlessly, and a support system to help you grow – that’s been my Tiger Analytics story.

Focus Focus
Henrich Edimo
Analytics Consulting, US

What I love about working at Tiger Analytics, is that work-life balance is a top priority. This ensures that the well-being and productivity of employees are taken care of. Flexible work schedules, remote work options, and generous time-off policies make a happier, more engaged, and motivated tribe. Communication channels are always kept open, and our input and feedback shape how Tiger Analytics tailors internal initiatives to meet the evolving needs of our diverse workforce. I feel seen and heard!

Focus Focus
Product Management, India

Working with an extremely talented peer group without being overwhelmed or intimidated has been the perfect cocktail for constant striving; this sums up my experience at Tiger Analytics. A few things have stood out for me- a stable and astute leadership, a culture of trust and inclusiveness, an unapologetic focus on excellence, and abundantly empowered teams. Tiger Analytics is not just a company, it’s a culture.

Focus Focus
Minu Philip
Analytics Consulting, India

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but it’s true for a successful career too. And I think I’ve found part of mine in Tiger. It was scary to move jobs during the pandemic, but the onboarding at Tiger Analytics couldn’t have gone better. As promised I was given enough runway to land safely and adjust to the organization at my own pace. I’ve realized work and life don’t balance all the time. Often, one will take priority, and that’s okay. I’m fortunate to have an employer who understands this.

Focus Focus
Sudha Krishnan
Talent Acquistion, India

When I interviewed here, I was trying to get back into the workforce after a sabbatical of eight years. What stood out the most in my recruitment process was that my sabbatical did not even come up in the interview. Looking back, I realize that it was the opportunity I was waiting for. This is why, even today, after several years, I still tell every one of my hires that Tiger Analytics is an organization without any bias, and I strongly stand by this.

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