Join us at Digital Insurance Summit 2024

Booth 203 | Hyatt Regency Austin, TX

April 29 - April 30, 2024


    Summit Highlights:

    Experience GenAI for real across the Insurance value chain


    Enhanced Sales Agent Efficiency

    Leveraging intelligent search and summarization tools, sales agents can quickly access relevant information. This enables them to respond more effectively to every customer inquiry and personalize the deals efficiently.


    Precise Policy/Product Explanations

    By generating detailed descriptions of policies and products, insurers can provide clients more explicit and comprehensive explanations. This ensures better understanding and trust-building.


    Automated Information Gathering

    Accelerated search capabilities enable efficient data retrieval and streamlined data entry processes. Insurers can save on time and manual efforts.


    Enhanced Risk Assessment

    Intelligent search and summarization tools empower risk analysts to swiftly assess critical information, leading to more informed decisions and proactive risk management.


    Reduced Claims Leakage

    Insurers can swiftly identify critical information by leveraging intelligent search and summarization. This leads to better claims management and minimizes financial losses.


    Self-Service Chatbot

    Insurers empower customers to find answers independently by deploying our gen ai powered chatbot. Quick and accurate responses enhance customer experience.


    Automated Documentation

    Description generation tools streamline the process of creating claims, underwriting, and reinsurance documentation. Automated summaries and detailed content facilitate efficient record-keeping, compliance, and knowledge management.

    Providing certainty to Insurance, delivering exceptional value

    Come to the Digital Insurance Summit 2024 and discuss how our data-driven solutions may help your organization. Our deep expertise in AI/ML, Generative AI, data management, data science, business intelligence, and domain knowledge enables us to help insurers achieve certainty in operational excellence, cost savings, and optimal efficiency.

    Visit us at Booth 203

    Talk to Our AI & Data Analytics Team

    Sam Ramachandran

    Sam Ramachandran

    Chief Sales Officer, Tiger Analytics

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    Gagandeep Singh

    Gagandeep Singh

    Regional Sales Head, Insurance & Healthcare, Tiger Analytics

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    Randall Nufer

    Randall Nufer

    Senior Director – Technology Solutions, Tiger Analytics

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