Case Study

Helping realize value from On-Demand Delivery Channel

Business Objective

Our client is an American CPG Major. As delivery aggregators providers were growing at a very fast pace in the emerging digital ecosystem in the US and the UK, the client had an urgent need to understand this space and tap into the first mover’s advantage.

Hence business wanted to lay out the foundation to:

  • Evaluate the Size of Prize of ODD in US, UK & Global Markets
  • Evaluate the true incrementality of this channel
  • Unlock search rank algorithm


  • Data consistency & availability across different players in the market
  • Lack of maturity in data capturing, data sharing & quality standards of Aggregators
  • Varying margins for restaurants/dark stores grocery/aggregator/retailers make it complicated to estimate Sales & Profits

Solution Methodology 

  • Conducted design sessions to help envision the possibilities with the new emerging channel of On-Demand Delivery
  • 2-fold approach to analyze client’s potential market opportunity & activation
  • Top-Down: Identifying the category potential, client’s fair share, and markets growth projection
  • Bottom-Up: Identifying the levers which are in control of the client & Market-driven & project for future sales
  • Incrementality: Pre-Post analysis for some retailers to estimate the true incremental potential
  • Developed a search algorithm for a leading aggregator in the US

Business Impact

  • Total size of prize of ~$100M in the US and the UK and ~500M (NSV) for Top 4 Markets in 2025
  • Projected 5 Year CAGR of 25%
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