Case Study

Sales and CRM Data Replatforming From EDW to Hadoop

Business Objective

Our client is a leading professional networking platform.

Their need was to do data replatforming to build a robust analytics platform that leverages the vast data asset they own to provide accurate sales insights, boost sales force productivity, and grow revenues.


  • No single source of truth for customer information. Salespersons spend 40-50% of their time just researching information about leads or customers
  • High maintenance cost of existing systems
  • Unavailability of a 360-degree view of the customer and insights into key metrics

Solution Methodology

  • Built a unified data storage platform in Hadoop which acts as a single-source-of-truth and holds historical information
  • Executed a reporting strategy that reduces Teradata footprint
  • Developed dashboards utilizing a unified in-house data visualization tool
  • Created a data analytics platform that allows managers to track the productivity and performance of sales representatives and decide their compensations accordingly
  • Timely availability and more up-to-date data compared to legacy systems.

Business Impact

  • 40% improvement in the productivity of sales teams through the powerful sales enablement platform
  • Ability to access all historical information and touch points needed for managing accounts at a single place.
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