Data Lake That Blends 10+ Disparate Data Sources For A 360° Consumer View

Case Study

Data Lake that Blends 10+ Disparate Data Sources
for a 360° Consumer View

Business Objective

Our client is one of the world’s largest food & beverage companies, headquartered in the US.

They needed to build a managed data lake to allow more cost-effective storage, access, and management of all the data in their enterprise, with a goal of providing a comprehensive and governed 360-degree view of consumer behavior.


  • Data originates from multiple sources, both within and outside the organization
  • Need for a centralized location for storing all the data, regardless of its source or format – eliminate data silos and determine ways to connect enterprise data
  • Deriving critical insights that enhance decision making and open new avenues for growth.

Solution Methodology

  • Developed a single integrated environment based on Hadoop to store, integrate, exchange, process, and analyze all kinds of information in any format
  • Enabled the data lake with managed ingestion wherein all the data is defined, tracked, and logged. Data from point-of-sale, digital marketing, e-commerce, mail subscriptions, were all brought into the platform for a unified view and analysis
  • Developed orchestration and job scheduling capabilities to consume, process, or act upon the data
  • Enabled integration with traditional BI tools for reporting
  • Strategized metadata management to apply technical, operational, and business metadata on the data lake. This provided a 360-degree view of the data inventory
  • Enabled data security by ensuring access control, data masking, and compliance with industry and other regulations
  • A full suite of analytic themes such as consumer 360 view, household level price elasticity, and impact of digital marketing campaigns was also developed and delivered.

Business Impact

  • 50% reduction in cost in both storage and data processing
  • Delivered a comprehensive view of the data to a large number of users in the organization, providing deep insights across multiple themes of relevance.
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