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The Life Sciences of tomorrow will be driven by digital transformation – enabled by the ever-evolving digital and advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Serverless/ Cloud/ Mobile Apps etc.

Patients and HCPs alike are expecting access to reliable, curated, and on-demand content. This shift in customer preference and behavior towards seeking information on-demand which accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic, has now become the new normal.

Tiger Analytics partners with our clients to re-engineer the enterprise data and analytics transformation strategy to deliver world-class white box solutions and applications to meet the uncertainties, challenges, and opportunities of the industry today.

Challenges in Pharma & Life Sciences

Adopt a Customer-First Approach to All Things Pharma
with Healthcare Analytics

Marketing & Sales

We help maximize the effectiveness of pharma-based marketing campaigns. Our AI-based approach uncovers high-interest customer personas, measures ROI, and analyzes cross-channel attribution for informed decision-making.  We also use a unique Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) early identification methodology to help identify industry pioneers much ahead of time.

Our healthcare analytics solutions include:

Digital Marketing

We help identify high-impact digital channels and high-interest topics/videos to develop and maximize the reach of customized content. Our ML-based segmentation approach equips pharma companies to deploy a segment-wise digital content strategy. So, we make it easy for users to find curated answers in the form of videos, websites, online journals, blogs, etc.

Our healthcare analytics solutions include:

  • Channel Analytics
  • Digital Assets Prioritization (Text Analytics/ NLP)
  • Topics of High Interest (HCPs/Patients)
  • On-demand Curated Research Content for HCPs & Sales Reps
  • Video Analytics (Abandoned Videos and Disinterest Points )

Personalization: HCP Engagement & Targeting

We enable pharma companies to reach HCPs through the right channel, at the right time, and with the right message. Our ability to create an analytics capability ecosystem equips them to offer them highly personalized customer experiences every time. We also track HCP journey maps and their path to advocacy (for instance, HCP-focused target messaging).

Our healthcare analytics solutions include:

  • HCP Preferred Channel
  • Best Time to Engage
  • Next Best Action
  • HCP Journey Maps
  • HCP Profiling (HCP 360) & Segmentation
  • HCP Likelihood to Become Advocate
  • Personalized HCP Targeting

Patient Services: Strategy & Operations

We harness advanced analytics and AI to extract actionable intelligence and improve the daily operations of patient services teams. Our insights help identify key drivers of therapy discontinuation and never-start patients. We also provide turnaround time metrics to unearth bottlenecks across the patient care continuum.

Our healthcare analytics solutions include:

  • New Drug Launch Planning & Analytics
  • Discontinuation Forecasts & Drivers
  • Never Start Drivers
  • Payor Profiling
  • Service Turnaround Time Metrics
  • Next Best Action for Patient Services Manager
  • Patient Journey Maps
  • Patient Profiling (Patient 360) & Segmentation
  • Patient Therapy Adherence (Time-on-Therapy)
  • Patient Discontinuation Likelihood
  • Patient Restart Likelihood
  • Patient Authorization Likelihood

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