Join us at the 2024 CMA | SIMA Conference

Booth #K3 at Hyatt Regency Dallas

February 26 – February 28, 2024


    Providing AI-powered certainty to your Decisions

    Conference Highlights – What Awaits You?

    • 01

      Turn raw data into actionable strategies through data-driven storytelling

      Our experts will guide you through the art of data-driven storytelling, demonstrating how it can transform complex insights into clear, actionable strategies for your business.

    • 02

      Increase clarity and collaboration emphasis

      Learning how to break down silos and fostering collaboration can elevate your organization’s decision-making process, driving innovation and efficiency.

    • 03

      Explore the fascinating world of AI and ML

      Understand how these cutting-edge technologies can revolutionize your business, from predictive analytics to intelligent automation, and propel you ahead in the competitive landscape.

    • 04

      Delve into the future of spatial analytics

      Discover how Tiger Analytics reshapes space planning, optimizes resources, and creates environments that enhance productivity and user experience.


    Get to explore and engage with our latest innovations in Data and Analytics for the Retail & CPG industry, such as:

    • Shopper Insights
    • Data-Driven Storytelling
    • Emerging Technologies
    • Intelligent Chatbots
    • Customer Intent Detection
    • Dynamic Category Management
    • Optimized Space Planning
    • Hyper Personalization
    • Brand/Product Preference
    • In-Store Analytics
    • And much more!

    Claim Your Future – Visit us at Booth #K3

    Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to explore the Bold retail frontiers with AI and analytics. Our team of experts will be on hand to answer your questions, provide live demos, and discuss how Tiger Analytics can empower your business for future success.

    Talk to the Tiger Team

    Kishor Gummaraju

    Kishor Gummaraju

    Chief Customer Officer,
    Tiger Analytics

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    Jason Weinstein

    Jason Weinstein

    Sales Director,
    Tiger Analytics

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