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A Pharma Leader’s Guide to Driving Effective Drug Launches with Commercial Analytics

Learn how pharma leaders can leverage Tiger Analytics’ Commercial Analytics engine to successfully launch new drugs in the market through enhanced data-driven insights and decision-making.

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CECL in Loss Forecasting – Practical Approaches for Credit Cards

Discover how a combination of account-level forecasting, segmentation analysis, and rigorous model validation techniques can help credit card issuers address the unique challenges posed by CECL while reducing compliance costs and improving loss prediction accuracy.

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Maximizing Efficiency: Redefining Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing with Digital Twins

Tiger Analytics leverages ML-powered digital twins for predictive maintenance in manufacturing. By integrating sensor data and other inputs, we enable anomaly detection, forecasting, and operational insights. Our modular approach ensures scalability and self-sustainability, yielding cost-effective and efficient solutions.

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