WHITE PAPER March 12, 2024

Winning with AI: Gaining the First Mover Advantage in KOL Identification

The importance of Identifying and Engaging with KOLs at the Right Time

The pharmaceutical industry continues to expand its influence on global health, from controlling diseases to providing treatment options to better manage complex health conditions. It is now becoming increasingly obvious that overall global health can be improved not just by developing drugs and vaccines to manage health but also by ensuring that when treatment options are available, the information is relayed to the prescribers and patients in an unbiased manner so that there is increased adoption.

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), who are thought leaders and highly respected for their expertise in specific therapeutic areas, play a key role across the drug lifecycle ranging from drug discovery to analyzing treatment outcomes, to driving R&D efforts and helping with adoption.

Tiger Analytics’ AI-based solution can help Pharmaceutical companies by:

  • Presenting an approach to KOL prediction that can help identify future KOLs by analyzing the research and publication activity of early-stage professionals.
  • Providing valuable insights that will assist pharmaceutical companies in building better connections with future KOLs.

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