WHITE PAPER March 12, 2024

Unlocking Operational Excellence with Tiger Analytics Smart Maintenance

Unlock the AI Advantage in Manufacturing

Data Science applications are gaining significant traction in the preventive and predictive maintenance of process systems across industries. A clear mindset shift has made it possible to steer maintenance from using a ‘reactive’ (using a run-to-failure approach) to one that is proactive and preventive in nature.

The idea of Smart Maintenance goes beyond just ensuring the performance and efficiency of the equipment or assets but also has a positive impact on product quality and service excellence which in turn ensures customer satisfaction. To sustain and grow, it is imperative that manufacturers understand this evolution of Smart Maintenance and how it could extend value beyond the boundaries of operations and maintenance department.

Tiger Analytics’ Smart Maintenance framework provides clear answers to questions like:

  • Can data science solutions bring about significant improvement in the maintenance domain and create scalable cost-effective solutions?
  • How can solutions provide insights into alternative and improved ways to manage planned maintenance activities?
  • In what ways can manufacturers future-proof themselves against unplanned events?

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