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August 19, 2023

Tiger Analytics is a Leader in the AIM PeMa Quadrant for Data Science Service Providers 2023

Isha Mohanty Head - Marketing & Communications isha.mohanty@tigeranalytics.com
Divya Sudan Associate Director, Marketing & Communications (PR & Media Relations) divya.sudan@tigeranalytics.com


Tiger Analytics is ranked a Leader in Analytics India Magazine’s PeMa Quadrant 2023: Data Science Service Providers.

Tiger Analytics focuses on operationalizing and scaling data science models across a wide range of applications. Our unwavering commitment to excellence in the field of data science and our dedication to client satisfaction have been key factors in our recognition as industry leaders.

Our strong focus on innovation and ongoing research and development initiatives ensures that our teams are equipped with continuous learning opportunities. Additionally, our cutting-edge infrastructure and strategic partnerships with leading cloud service providers further reinforce our position as a leader in the industry.

This recognition serves as a testament to our significant market presence in the data science arena, spanning various sectors and geographical regions, all while maintaining consistent growth. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our entire team for achieving this well-deserved recognition.

Tiger Analytics was also rated by AIM as one of the Best Firms for Data Scientists earlier this year.

About AIM PeMa Quadrant for Data Science Service Providers:

AIM Research has come up with the Penetration and Maturity(PeMa) Quadrant for Data Science Service Providers—a reliable industry standard to evaluate vendor competencies. In this assessment, AIM evaluates leading providers based on their market Penetration(Pe) and service Maturity (Ma), demonstrating their comparative positions in the Quadrant. The balance between these two parameters is integral for effectively addressing client requirements and seizing potential revenue opportunities.

The PeMa Quadrant equips enterprises with an extensive perspective of the market, allowing them to weigh up the competencies of various service providers. It also serves as a valuable tool for businesses to determine the right data science partner that aligns with their specific needs and strategic goals.

To read the full report, visit – https://aimresearch.co/product/top-data-science-service-providers-2023/

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