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September 21, 2023

Niranjan Krishnan Interviewed by CMS Wire on Data Analytics Strategy

Isha Mohanty Head - Marketing & Communications isha.mohanty@tigeranalytics.com
Divya Sudan Associate Director, Marketing & Communications (PR & Media Relations) divya.sudan@tigeranalytics.com

Niranjan Krishnan, Head of Innovation, was interviewed by CMS Wire on the topic ‘9 Things Holding Back  Your Data Analytics Strategy’. Some excerpts from the article:

Niranjan Krishnan is Head of Data Science and Innovation at Santa Clara, Calif.-based Tiger Analytics. He points out that there is more than one reason for slow adoption and no single bullet solution that can magically transform an organization. It is a long journey that involves hard work along several dimensions. He offers this advice, Organizations need a coherent vision that clearly outlines what they want to achieve through analytics in the marketplace, a broad-brush strategy on how they are going to realize that vision and a champion who can drive and execute that strategy. Organizations often lack all these elements.

Organizations need a good bridge between the analytics side and the business side. The main function of this role is to demystify analytics for the business. “The CIO’s office is not often well positioned to play this role. IT leaders tend to be experts in creating, storing and moving data efficiently while battling issues around memory, speed and scale,” Krishnan said. Data analytics is a downstream function that kicks in after all these core issues are addressed to a reasonable extent. IT leaders are not adequately prepared for this. The data scientists organizations hire also do not typically rise up to this role.

The complete article can be read here – https://www.cmswire.com/analytics/9-things-holding-back-your-data-analytics-strategy/

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