It’s time to reimagine Small Business Insurance Underwriting

Tiger Analytics’ AI-powered underwriting data prefill solution is built to meet your unique requirements. It leverages external data sources to prefill applications and ensures a high fill rate at top speed. Our Machine Learning classifiers help you predict underwriting questions even where the data is not directly available from external data stores.

Do you face these challenges during the underwriting process?

Process Inefficiencies

Extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive process that leads to lower bind and high operational cost

Missing/Inaccurate Data

Inaccurate information received from the customers/agents leading to premium leakage and poor claims experience

Poor Customer Experience 

Extremely iterative and cumbersome process leading to poor customer satisfaction

Lack of External Data Leverage 

Inability to leverage external data sources for better risk assessment

Transforming Commercial
Insurance Underwriting
through External Data and AI

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A future-proofed approach to data prefilling

Unlocking true power of data

Tiger Analytics’ UW Data Prefill solution is based on advanced data extraction frameworks, data science techniques, and triangulation algorithms. We use the power of data to ensure a high degree of accuracy for all questions.

Enable better risk identification and eliminate agent bias while avoiding premium leakage and claim losses.

More flexibility and scalability

Tiger Analytics’ UW Data Prefill solution is highly scalable and customizable. Our solution enables underwriters to swiftly add and delete data sources and address challenges owing to the changing formats of the external data stores. The algorithms are also built considering the evolving risks, priorities, and needs of an organization. 

Let your underwriting strength grow stronger and smarter - with the incremental addition of each source.

Cutting-edge accelerators

Tiger Analytics’ UW Data Prefill solution leverages best-in-class accelerators in the form of frameworks, reusable code libraries, and architecture blueprints. You get all the AI power to speedily develop data prefill platforms.

Speed up value delivery by accelerating the development of your platform.

White-box solution – no IP rights

Tiger Analytics’ UW Data Prefill solution is a white-box solution with no IP rights involved. We have developed the code base in such a way that it can be quickly tweaked to cater to any changes in the external data source formats and also address the emerging information needs.

Level up your underwriting process without any license fees.


Unparalleled accuracy

Nearly 95% accuracy on all the data provided.


Over 90% fill rate


Up to $10 million cost savings for insurers


Start realizing the value from our custom-built solution within 3- 4 months


Wide experience in delivering AI-based UW solutions to 10+ Fortune 500 Insurers

Best in class team of 1000+ Data Scientists and Data Engineers

Recognized as a leader in delivering advanced analytics solutions by Forrester

Highly engaged team (less than 10% attrition), creating long-term value for clients

Learn how the AI-powered UW Data Prefill Solution can create memorable insurance journeys! 

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