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    Industry Expert Panelists


    Expert talk speaker

    Shankarganesh Vaidyanathan – Tiger Analytics

    Moderates the discussion and summarizes the key points, emphasizing that data modernization is not just about IT but a strategic investment in the future for better decision-making, customer understanding, and overall business success.

    Our Speakers

    Expert talk speaker

    David Rose – AWS

    Discusses the role of cloud technologies’ role in enabling data modernization, particularly AWS. He highlights programs like MAP and Database Freedom to ease data migration. He also talks about the future of data modernization within AWS, mentioning advancements like serverless analytics and seamless integrations for easier data manipulation and visualization.

    Expert talk speaker

    Ajeeth Amarasekaran – Tiger Analytics

    He shares best practices for a successful data modernization journey. These include defining goals, starting with small, impactful projects, prioritizing business value, and training users on new technologies. He emphasizes collaboration and a data-driven culture as critical aspects.

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    Expert Talk Synopsis

    “Data Expert Talk” is on Data Modernization: Igniting Growth and Innovation. Experts from Tiger Analytics and AWS discuss data modernization and its benefits.

    The session is moderated by Shankarganesh Vaidyanathan, Principal Architect at Tiger Analytics, and speakers David Rose, a Global Partner and Development Lead for Data Analytics at AWS, and Ajeeth Amarasekaran, Senior Director at Tiger Analytics.

    Key Highlights

    • Modernize or be left behind: Outdated data systems hold you back.
    • Unlock data’s power: Gain real-time insights, agility, and customer advantage.
    • Cloud is your friend: AWS offers scalability, security, and migration support.
    • Start smart, win fast: Focus on clear goals, small wins, and user training.
    • The future is serverless: Expect easier data access and analysis with AWS.
    • Take action now: Partner with experts and empower your people for data success.

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