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new zelaland event detailed

CDAO Auckland 2023 : Data – The Focal Point Of Business Decision Making

new zelaland event detailed

Booth no: 17 | Grand Millennium Hotel

November 8 - 9, 2023


    Speaker Session

    Panel on Connecting data to real-world business challenges – we all agree this is important, but why is it challenging to deliver?
    Durjoy Patranabish – Head, Global Business, Tiger Analytics

    Date: November 8, 2023
    Time: 9.50 am – 10.25 am NZST

    Incorporating data seamlessly into business operations is more complex than desired, primarily due to various challenges that must be addressed. These challenges pertain to achieving full-scale integration of data across the organization. It’s crucial to identify and overcome these hurdles to succeed in this endeavor. This entails taking specific steps to secure buy-in and commitment at all levels of the organization, paving the way for data to play a leading role in every aspect of the business.

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    Why attend CDAO Auckland 2023?

    Networking lies at the heart of CDAO Auckland. Being the largest annual gathering of Data and Analytics decision-makers in New Zealand, CDAO Auckland focuses primarily on connecting the attendees with the data analytics community through topic-focused discussions or natural coffee shop conversations.

    Spread over 2 power-packed days, CDAO Auckland has everything a data connoisseur looks for and some more, including networking breaks and VIP functions.

    Key Themes

    Learn about the ethical ramifications of AI, data usage, and privacy.

    Learn how to take your business to new heights with data-driven decision-making.

    Sustainability is the need of the hour- learn how to use data and analytics to drive change in sustainability and ESG.

    Meet the Data and Analytics Experts
    Durjoy Patranabish

    Durjoy Patranabish

    Head, Global Business, Tiger Analytics

    Tanveer Singh Bal

    Tanveer Singh Bal

    Director, Global Business, Tiger Analytics

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