Case Study Industry: Technology, Telecom & Media

SRM insights platform for a 360-degree view of trade promotion

Tiger Analytics helped trade executives and SRM teams to identify opportunities while enabling Accounts teams to drive growth and add value to retail partners.

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Telecom player significantly improved campaign engagement with propensity modeling

Tiger Analytics built an ML model to assess email response propensity, unveiling key drivers. It identified over 80% of potential email openers and top-decile customers.

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Fortune 100 sports broadcaster achieves 80% video accuracy with Computer Vision overnight

Tiger Analytics developed a computer vision solution identifying elements in 600 hours of 2022 Winter Olympics videos, including sports, athletes, and video segments, enhancing accuracy.

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Digital media firm gains $1.2M per quarter with ad inventory strategy

Tiger Analytics implemented ML models to predict real-time ad inventory wins, optimizing price points, resulting in substantial cost savings, a 116% increase in click-worthy impressions prediction, and a 54% rise in wins.

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Multi-cloud management made seamless and secure for top tech vendor

Tiger Analytics’ unified data view helped manage siloed subsystems with an enterprise data and analytics platform on Google Cloud.

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