Case Study Industry: Insurance

Leading US insurer centralizes data with Power BI for actionable insights

Tiger Analytics built Power BI dashboards to enhance efficiency. This solution consolidated 13 on-premises data sources, facilitating detailed views and tracking discrepancies for improved claims processes.

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US Fortune100 P&C insurer transforms call center with AI

Tiger Analytics implemented ML models for call quality assessment and customer intent prediction, resulting in a boost in productivity and CX with 90% accuracy.

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US insurer leverages biz-critical info through unified D&A platform

Tiger Analytics built a D&A platform for streamlined access to a single source of centralized data.

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US insurer experiences accuracy increase and 39% savings with AI/ML

Tiger Analytics transformed underwriting with an AI/ML solution for data extraction and automated risk assessment.

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AI-powered transformation for US P&C insurer: 36 claims use cases

Tiger Analytics’ CV-based auto damage estimation accelerated claims processing, reducing human intervention.

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AI revolutionizes workers compensation underwriting for US SME

Tiger Analytics achieved 85%+ data pre-fill rate, ensuring 90% accuracy and optimizing underwriting.

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