Modern BI and Data Warehousing

Accelerate data warehouse modernization

A modernized BI and data warehouse may be equipped to handle high volumes of structured and unstructured data, but that’s just half the battle. The other important part is to gain immense value through the process. Thus, it is crucial to ensure the quality of data while harnessing analytics-based insights to achieve business goals. Another key differentiator is the agility and speed with which you can access the data and BI warehouse.

Tiger Analytics leverages an agile methodology to unify every siloed data source in your enterprise’s technology ecosystem. Our Data Engineering team enables the rapid integration of data into your warehousing environment – free of operational hassles, business disruptions or unnecessary costs. We help you reduce the cost of data storage and management, scale up to add new touchpoints and interpret multiple formats or types.

Business Benefits

Be more dashboard-friendly

Develop smart, impactful dashboards to improve workforce productivity.

Make reporting leaner

Optimize the number of reports/ dashboards by eliminating redundancies.

Get more actionable insights

Be more actionable by embedding analytical insights into your applications.

Modernize overall warehousing

Optimize and bring together all data and BI warehousing efforts under one roof.

Our Unique Approach

Tiger Analytics works as a specialized extension of your in-house teams to develop intelligent data structures, ensure high data quality, and establish data governance. Our world-class modern BI and data warehousing practices follow an agile approach to create real-time business value. We make use of cloud-native tools, agile DevOps, and design thinking techniques to deliver valuable insights faster and more accurately.

Our Offering

Consulting and Advisory

  • Reporting and dashboard rationalization strategy and roadmap
  • Data warehouse modernization strategy and roadmap


  • Data warehouse modernizing and optimizing
  • Functional data mart building
  • Data pipeline building, managing and operationalizing
  • Batch and near real-time dashboards
  • Advanced data visualization and embedded insights
  • Embedded and augmented analytics


  • Self-service data storyboarding

Meet business goals with a
modern BI and Data warehouse.

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