Data As A Service

Data As A Service

Unearth valuable data insights

There’s no shortage in enterprises collecting data in today’s IT ecosystem. But creating a wealth of insights is a different battle altogether. Unless you have timely access to high-quality data, there won’t be any bottom-line improvements such as operational efficiency and optimization of overall costs. It’s why the discovery of data and the secure democratization of its consumption are of paramount importance.

Tiger Analytics provides world-class architecture, design, and development services for modern enterprises to build sustainable and scalable data solutions with Data As A Service offering. Our Data Engineering team works closely with you to create easily discoverable and highly valuable data assets. We enable the quick discoverability of your business-critical data assets without lowering the guard on security and compliance.

Business Benefits

Access data on-demand

Improve the efficiency and speed of your data discoverability and access

Uncomplicate data consumption

Simplify and strengthen the ease of data consumption across the enterprise.

Make the most out of data products

Easily enable the creation and publication of data products.

Drive self-service adoption

Encourage self-service exploration and management of data assets.

Our Unique Approach

Tiger Analytics equips you with on-demand accessibility to access and consume data on the cloud without any of your applications or systems holding it back with archaic frameworks. We remove barriers to information that weakens your enterprise’s innovation-led mindset by improving your ability to take quick and effective data-rich decisions.

Our Offering

Consulting and Advisory

  • Data productization strategy and roadmap
  • Data democratization architecture strategy and roadmap


  • Data lake solution implementation
  • Composable data pipelines and integration with enterprise data controls
  • Data marketplaces for publishing and subscribing to cataloged data assets
  • Data semantic layer implementation
  • Data products using Data APIs


  • Managed Big Data services
  • Self-service capabilities

Make data access and consumption
easier, faster, and more secure.

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