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Maximize cloud data ROI

Maximizing cloud data investments represent a moment of truth for enterprises in their digital transformation journeys. But it can be tricky, considering challenges like lack of skilled resources, uncontrollable spending on platforms, and poor security protocols. Moreover, without a future-proofed automation strategy, you may end up fixing low-priority problems – leaving the larger ones to evolve into bigger challenges

Tiger Analytics unlocks the true value of your cloud investments and incubates a culture of operational excellence. Our Cloud Data Engineering team brings thought leadership and specialized skills to significantly increase your platform’s security, scalability, speed, and observability. Backed by cloud-specific partnerships and CoEs across the world, we help implement and support robust cloud platforms while offering best-fit recommendations

Business Benefits

Drive elasticity and scalability

Effortlessly make your cloud more elastic and scalable without any capacity planning worries.

Do more with data and analytics

Adopt a robust data and analytics platform architecture to extract and use valuable insights.

Tighten security on the cloud

Enhance data platform security and observability by establishing tight security protocols.

Reduce overall cloud spend

Optimize cloud ROI -from implementation to support – without compromising on data management.

Our Unique Approach

Tiger Analytics’ follows a flexible and consulting-led approach to cloud data
engineering that ensures the lowest possible TCO while providing unprecedented
scalability. We help you orchestrate your cloud data’s journey across your
enterprise – from strategy and roadmap to implementation and support.

Our Offering

Consulting and Advisory

  • Cloud data technology strategy and roadmap
  • Cloud data technology selection services
  • Cloud data migration strategy and roadmap
  • Cloud spend optimization strategy


  • Cloud-native data and analytics platform
  • Real-time and batch data management services
  • Mature DevOps and DevSecOps automation
  • Multi-cloud data platforms and data microservices(Kubernetes)
  • Automated cloud infrastructure provisioning and deployment
  • Cloud MLaaS platform (including integration)


  • Cloud data pipelines and data platform migration
  • Cloud spend monitoring and optimization

Enable business transformation
by unlocking your cloud data ROI

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