The transportation and logistics sector is the backbone of any economy hence any disruption in this sector impacts businesses across industries. Apart from COVID-19, this sector is seeing disruption due to entry of non-asset and pure digital players which has made it imperative for organizations to adopt advanced technologies in order to be resilient, efficient and stay competitive. This is driving them to embark on digital transformation journey and acquire new skills and capabilities around big data, IoT, Advanced Analytics, etc.

Tiger Analytics’ Transportation and Logistics analytics solutions help clients in gaining business insights and significantly improve decision-making capabilities.

Challenges in the Transportation and Logistics Industry

Our Solutions

Data platform for Single source of truth

We develop data platforms to integrate data existing in silos across functions and business units to create a single source of truth to standardize & integrate operations, enable faster and accurate business reporting and insights.

Our Transportation and Logistics Analytics solution includes:

  • Digital Freight Platform
  • Customer Analytics Platform

Supply Chain Visibility

We enable businesses to meet their customer expectation by equipping them with the right solution for supply chain visibility. Our Machine Learning (ML)-led models help in estimating the arrival time of freight containers, right price discovery, carrier matching and scoring, thereby aiding in customer service improvement and increasing profitability. Our solutions help in providing end-to-end visibility across the supply chain.

Our Transportation and Logistics Analytics solutions include:

  • ETA Prediction
  • Dwell time prediction
  • Line-up forecasting
  • Carrier Pricing
  • Carrier Matching and scoring

Cost Optimization

We help optimize inventory, work force and assets with our ML-led solutions. Reduce non-productive costs by optimizing workforce allocation. Accurately forecast failures to plan the optimum inventory levels.

Our Transportation and Logistics Analytics solutions include:

  • Pricing optimization
  • Dray priority optimization
  • Workforce scheduling and optimization
  • Inventory optimization

Sustainable logistics Operation

We help organizations move a step closer to sustainable operation through efficient planning and waste reduction. Our ML-led predictive analytics solutions help in providing an in-depth look at the fleet and asset health to improve asset lifecycle. Save fuel and travel time by developing fuel optimization algorithm. Our Route optimization solution help in minimizing distance traveled as well as fleet usage. Simulation solution to make data-driven decision before making any costly infrastructure changes.

Our Transportation and Logistics solution include:

  • Fleet Planning
  • Fuel Cost Optimization
  • Faulty detector identification
  • Route Planning
  • Network Simulation

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