SRM test

  • Route to Market
  • Strategic Revenue
  • Data & Support
  • Digital Commerce
  • Portfolio

Strategic Revenue Management

Predicting consumer behavior at the micro-market level to optimize product availability and price to maximize revenue

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Value Chain

  • value-chainPromo Optimization
  • value-chainPricing
  • value-chainPrice Pack Architecture
  • value-chainPortfolio Mix
  • value-chainTrade Architecture

Capabilities Activated

  • value-chainOn-demand analyses to
    continuous insight generation
  • value-chainImproved negotiations with
    retailer partners
  • value-chainSiloed insights to
    multi-disciplinary insights

Value Generated

Sales Visit Planning

Enabling optimal allocations of Sales Rep time across channels and banners– backed by model-led insights from learned historical behavior


Sales enhanced & cost saved across 10 markets

Action Recommendation

Identifying the right actions to be performed at the store to maximize seasonal sell-through, minimize claims and optimize assortment


Revenue across 2 markets

Strategy Testing

Enhancing the ability of the planning teams to create, run and monitor the impact of tests

Enhanced decisions

in RTM and Category planning interventions

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