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  • Route to Market
  • Strategic Revenue
  • Data & Support
  • Digital Commerce
  • Portfolio

Portfolio Optimization

Optimizing the everyday assortment by factoring in demand transference and simplifying the portfolio

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Value Chain

  • value-chainSKU Rationalization
  • value-chainDemand Transference
  • value-chainSKU Segmentation
  • value-chainAssortment Optimization
  • value-chainProduct Development & PPA

Capabilities Activated

  • value-chainUnderstand relative SKU
  • value-chainIdeal Assortment sets
    at key retailers
  • value-chainIdeal products to win
    key seasons

Value Generated

SKU Rationalization

Highlighting SKUs that could be ideal candidates for rationalization and use the same capacity towards higher incremental or innovation items


MAC opportunity for US MW

Assortment Optimization

Developing ideal assortment sets to be deployed at key retailers. Help Mars maximize efficiency of existing shelf space usage


Incremental NSV for US MW

Ideal Product

Developing right products to win key seasons by optimizing product attributes such as size, flavor, type, brand, count and price


MAC opportunity for US MW 4 seasons

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