Words of Wisdom to Women at Work, from Women at Tiger

Ambition, grit, passion, tenacity… we’ve heard these words used to describe Women at Work.

From building a Data Lakehouse to building their personal success stories. From analyzing emerging trends for major conglomerates to emerging financially independent, having made a mark in the world of Data Analytics and Technology…. the Women in Tiger never cease to amaze us.

At Tiger Analytics, we believe that success at the workplace is always a team effort. We asked our tigresses to #PassItOn… to share with us a few Words of Wisdom that have been handed to them from their mentors, colleagues, family members, or self-learned best practices.

We’ve compiled some of these here…

Keep evolving with confidence
For women in tech, I’ve received a few important pieces of advice that have helped shape my career and I’d like to pass these on to others….
Be Confident in your abilities and believe in yourself. Don’t let others define your capabilities.
Keep Learning. Technology is constantly evolving, and it is essential to keep upskilling.
Speak up and advocate for yourself in the workplace. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas and opinions and make sure your voice is heard.


Embrace Uniqueness
“Embrace what makes you different and express yourself.”My few years in the corporate world have made me realize that though we all work together as one team to achieve one vision and mission. It is important that we acknowledge our own strengths & uniqueness in the bigger picture. Build on your uniqueness consistently and express it.


Seize your opportunities
Dear Women in Tech, there’s nothing that we cannot do once we have set up our minds to it, whether it’s in our personal or our professional lives. I’ve found that it is all about giving every challenge a try and learning, growth and success will definitely follow. Across my career, I’ve tried to be fearless, and ask difficult questions. Also, reach out for help and before you know it, this will become your Success Mantra.


Create your own path
Don’t be afraid to take risks; The Tech industry is full of opportunities, but they don’t always come with a clear path. Try out new things. Be open to different job roles and take on new challenges that will help you grow and develop your skills.


Self care matters
You cannot pour from an empty cup. So, find time to fill your cup by doing things that give you happiness. Schedule your “me-time” – just as you would schedule your meetings. Delegate responsibilities so that you can have some breathing space. Factor in ‘rest’ as part of your day and not as a luxury or an afterthought. Take intentional care of your physical & mental well-being, it matters.


Adapt and transform. Move away from deep-rooted conditioning
Making it to the tech world needs focus, consistency, time, and effort to upskill yourself. I see that the last decade has been the most historic and transformative period in society. More power to women who show up every single day despite the challenges. Thank you to all our allies for cheering us in every step and because of you we know it is no more just a utopian dream but an achievable feat, we are in this together!


Be Fluid
Priorities change at different stages of our life, do not try to keep those rigid. I have experienced that being fluid and embracing the changing priorities and new opportunities shape your life beautifully. Be receptive to change, and don’t be harsh on yourself.


Look for inspiration
As women, we undergo multiple phases in our life and financial independence empowers us to make informed decisions that shape our careers better. My mother is my inspiration and I draw my strength from how she has faced life’s challenges head-on.


Health comes first!
We all have different career goals and aspirations. Some want to make a mark in the tech world, some of us want to keep learning and growing, some of us have financial responsibilities that we need to take care of… whatever our motivations are, it’s possible that we end up only focusing on one aspect of our career and neglecting the other. We need to invest in our health – schedule regular check-ups, eat well and maintain an active lifestyle.


Teamwork makes the dream work!
Invest generously in building a strong support system. We don’t have to do everything, and everything perfectly all the time. Channelize your time and focus towards what matters the most at the moment (work/passion/child’s education/health/family). In the process, you are also at a small level, generating livelihood for people around you…


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