RISE: Two months as a Tigress

rise: two months as a tigress

I am now more confident and equipped with the knowledge not just to explore and gather data, but also to analyze and discover patterns in that data to make appropriate business decisions.

— Snehal Waghambare, IIM Bodhgaya

Tiger Analytics (TA): Hi Snehal, you’ve been with us as an intern at Tiger Analytics. Could you share a little bit of your journey with us? How has it been for you?

Snehal: The summer internship program at Tiger Analytics gave me the opportunity to work in a collaborative and welcoming atmosphere, despite it being completely virtual! I worked with the Analytics Consultant team, and this experience opened my eyes to what AI and Analytics can do to solve some of the biggest challenges faced by organizations globally.

TA: On-the-job and practical training plays an important role in our learning pedagogy at Tiger Analytics. We believe that one of the most effective ways of learning is by doing. Could you walk us through some of the projects you worked on during your internship?

Snehal: I worked on two projects during my internship. One was solving a case study on ‘E-Commerce: Pricing and Promotions Strategy’. It was an eight-week case analysis wherein I gained data insights through visualizations and developed numerous discount/promotion strategies. I also came up with multiple solutions for new product launches based on existing data. This helped me learn various methodologies like data exploration, data wrangling, and analysis of various numerical and categorical columns. Based on these insights, I was able to build effective strategies for discounts and product launches.

The second was a live client project. It involved analyzing and building a predictive model to improve the overall CLTV, or Customer Lifetime Value, for a leading automotive client. I got to attend internal meetings every day with data scientists, data engineers and data analysts to discuss how the project was progressing. Through this, I was better able to understand what the client needs, and how to increase their CLTV. These were the areas I worked on:

• Deep dive into the data to perform an initial Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA).
• To perform a reasonable hypothesis based on the EDA done.
• Modelling phase: To segregate the customers into different clusters/buckets to obtain valuable insights.
• To create a wireframe based on all the analysis done.
• To strategize action plans to gain maximum CLTV from each customer.

TA: We match our interns with the right sort of mentors who can help coach and guide them into becoming successful professionals. Could you share your mentorship experience with us?

Snehal: My mentor Shanthipriya Nagarajan supported and guided me throughout my time at Tiger, with regular meetings to update her on my progress and address any concerns. I am now more confident and equipped with the knowledge not just to explore and gather data but also to analyze and discover patterns in that data to make appropriate business decisions.

TA: Any last words or impressions you’d take with you as a part of this internship journey?

Snehal: The RISE program was truly special. The idea is to expose young people to the professional world by providing the necessary skills for a fulfilling career. The ‘Interns’ Day’ helped us kick back and have some fun, which made our time here even more memorable. I also discovered several techniques to stay focused and motivated — meditation and exercise were my go-to tricks to recharge.

Despite being a remote internship, we were provided with hands-on experiences that made me feel welcome and involved at every step. This internship truly fuelled my desire to excel.


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