Praveen Jesudhas wins the ’40 under 40 Data Scientists’ Award 2023 from AIM

40 under 40 data scientists AIM

At the annual Machine Learning Developers Summit 2022, our Computer Vision (CV) leader Praveen Jesudhas was conferred with the prestigious 40 Under 40 Data Scientists award 2023 by AIM.

This award recognizes data scientists who are driving the growth of analytics and data science across the country. Praveen has spearheaded multiple successful CV projects and has been at the forefront of breakthrough innovation in Computer Vision since its inception in 2018.

The Tiger Analytics team met up with Praveen for a little chat about his journey from being an aspiring data scientist to being adjudged amongst the top 40 innovators in the country. Here’s an excerpt from the interview.




Tiger Analytics (TA): Could you share a little bit about your journey with us? How did your tryst with Computer Vision begin?

Praveen: My connection to CV dates back to 2008 when I did my undergrad project on recognizing people with IRIS data. After that, I worked on vehicle tracking and surveillance during my Masters. Since 2018, I have received the opportunity to coordinate three CV projects at Tiger, of which two have become successful B2C products today.

The rich ecosystem of people to bounce off one’s ideas has paved the way for the consolidation of our CV capabilities and knowledge here at Tiger Analytics. I have been recently heading this initiative, working with various project and Business Development teams to help build efficiency and holistic growth for our CV capability.

TA: You’ve worked on so many exciting Computer Vision projects with us at Tiger Analytics. Tell us about any projects you worked on that stood out as a part of your journey.

Praveen: A brand of premium bespoke earphones can be ordered using a photograph, thanks to the core engine and app designed by us. This project is particularly close to my heart because it’s an early-stage example of an AI product that we helped build back in 2018-19.

TA: Share with us how your tenure with Tiger Analytics has helped shape your career.

Praveen: After joining Tiger Analytics as a Data Engineer in 2015, I received the best of learning and growth from my peers and mentors. Tiger Analytics has enabled me to explore my strengths through exposure across capabilities and industries progressively. For anybody looking to get ahead in the world of Data Science, my advice is simple – work closely with your mentors, and in 3 to 5 years, you will get where you want to be.

TA: What’s your vision for Data Science? Anything you’d like to leave the audience with?

Praveen: We now not only have the power of data but can intelligently learn from it and take action. Over the next decade, we will see a smart element in everything around us. This would mean that not only will your CRM system give you customer details, but it will even tell you which customers you have a higher chance of upscaling with. Data Science has the power to bring about the next revolution.

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