Pandemic Impact Index

Pandemic Impact Index

The Pandemic Impact Index: Assess localized impact scenarios for your business

The Covid-19 pandemic has come to change people’s lives; at least for some time, if not forever. From the beginning of the surge in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, to its manifestation as a global pandemic, a lot has changed and is changing on a daily basis. While hope for a vaccine remains, there is still uncertainty when the current scenario will move towards the pre-pandemic living standards.

The US has seen an unprecedented surge in unemployment. The lockdowns and closures have had its most impact on the Main Street businesses. The public health guidelines and population’s perception vary across localities and broader measurements fail to capture the pandemic impact at a local level.

This granular measurement of impact is crucial for businesses to redefine, refine, and recast localized planning scenarios, and create forecasts for local coverage.

In this context, Tiger Analytics has created a Pandemic Impact Index at a local level. The index is presented as an intuitive dashboard that displays the most relevant and updated info from three different perspectives: health, economy, and public sentiment.

These perspectives are created using data from public sources and using cognitive intelligence on local news sites.

How to use the information: Select a county of interest on the map. The dashboard is refreshed to reflect the scores depicting health (covid cases, fatality, trends), economy (local industries, unemployment), and public sentiment (derived from local news sources). These are combined together as an intuitive Pandemic Impact Index from range 1-10, with 10 being the most adversely impacted.

Besides the geographic navigation between states and counties, the dashboard allows the creation of a custom index, where several counties can be grouped together to accurately represent your business impact area.

This index can be tailored to your specific needs with curated subsets of data or forecasting analytics for your coverage area. Please contact  [email protected] with any requests.

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