Tiger Analytics partners with IIT Madras for comprehensive COVID-19 tracking

Tiger Analytics, an AI & analytics consulting company, in collaboration with IIT-Madras and with the support of the Tamil Nadu Covid War Room today unveiled a uniquely expansive COVID-19 response dashboard that can help researchers, policymakers, and other interested entities in their study and analysis of Covid-19 trends and patterns. This dashboard leverages publicly available data from various sources.

Until recently, researchers had to resort to the time-consuming task of looking individually at multiple data tables across publicly available data sources. This dashboard consolidates data across different dimensions and can act as a one-stop reference point for information related to COVID-19 related data.

With this tool, researchers can check various aspects such as – progression of new cases across different countries, daily deaths, and case fatality ratio. Users can also track other key aspects of COVID-19 monitoring such as vaccination status, testing status, the impact of mobility on new cases, seroprevalence, and info on Covid variants.  Symptoms develop over time, and vaccinations and lockdowns need time to have an impact – the dashboard allows researchers to analyze all this. It also allows comparisons across states and districts in India as well as other countries. The visualizations can help one clearly understand what control measures at what stages of a wave have proven effective. The tool is currently being used in planning interventions and for scaling medical resources.

Pradeep Gulipalli, Co-founder, Tiger Analytics said, “When the country was gripped in the second wave, strategists and policymakers needed right insights, quickly, for a variety of decisions. I’m proud that Tiger Analytics and IIT Madras partnered with the Tamil Nadu Covid War Room to create a COVID-19 response dashboard. Today we make the dashboard public and are sharing with the wider researcher community and policymakers, so that they can identify and analyze trends & patterns to guide a variety of decisions. At Tiger, we want to work with like-minded partners and NGOs to take the benefit of AI to the broader society.”

Prof B. Ravindran, Head, Robert Bosch Center for Data Science and AI (RBC-DSAI) from IIT – Madras said “We’re very excited to be playing a part in this initiative for the Tamil Nadu Covid War Room. RBC-DSAI, our pre-eminent interdisciplinary research Centre for Data Science and AI has been at the forefront of leveraging data science and AI, providing insights to make actionable, reliable, and impactful decisions for adoption in engineering, finance, and healthcare domains. Most of our projects are chosen such that there is a significant societal benefit, and this work was an extension of our continued commitment to using AI for social good. This collaboration was a natural partnership for us as we translated data science-based theory to an actionable dashboard. I am thrilled to see the outcome and hope it will benefit more organizations as we continue our fight against Covid-19.



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