Connected Insights in CPG: Fireside Chat

On-demand Webinar

The phrase “data unlocks great prospects for CPG firms” often overused. Organizations have done a lot in recent years to grasp the usefulness of data. Yet, the majority of these projects have been extremely compartmentalised in character, with an emphasis on price, marketing, e-commerce, forecasting, warehousing, and innovation, among other things.

The actual breakthrough, though, is in connecting the dots and taking a cross-functional approach to data and insights. For example, while e-commerce accounts for less than 10% of the business, there are valuable insights to be gleaned that may be used by the B&M side of the business. Yet, achieving the aim of Connected Insights is easier said than done. This On-demand Webinar will shed light on how some organizations are navigating this journey using advanced analytics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Opportunity areas for Connected Insights in CPG
  • Challenges faced by organizations in achieving these
  • Specific war stories of how these challenges have been addressed in areas like RGM, Supply Chain, marketing and sustainability
  • Key enablers for success in establishing a Connected Insights capability


Listen to our panelists share their experiences in this on-demand webinar on how they have seen organizations dealing with this challenge.

Michele Goetz

Featured Speaker, Independent Research Firm

Deepak Jose

Guest Speaker, Global Head & Senior Director ODDA Analytics Solutions Mars Wrigley

Kishor Gummaraju

Chief Customer Officer, Tiger Analytics

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