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For over two decades, TMT (Technology, Media & Telecommunications) companies have invested in enough AI and data analytics tools to understand their potential. Now, it’s the decade of unlocking realistic ROI. After all, AI adoption is shifting from enabling back-office operations to being at the front seat of driving business value. From CX and product development to service innovation, mature AI and data analytics tools are already helping TMT companies achieve cost savings, reduce risks/frauds, accelerate expansion, and more.

Where are the Analytical Opportunities in TMT?

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Product Analytics

The traditional way of relying on customer interviews and testimonials to build a product has become passé, thanks to data science and analytics tools. We help identify key metrics and individual features that can drive product success. As a result, you can easily scale your product, increase user retention, sustain high conversion rates, reduce customer churn, identify market fitment, and create data-driven storytelling for your product.

Our product analytics solutions include:

  • Product-User Engagement Analytics
  • User-360° View
  • User Stickiness Analytics
  • Product-Feature Adoption Analysis
  • New Product Development Insights
  • A/B Testing
  • Path-to-Purchase
  • Purchase Propensity
  • Ad-spend Optimizations

B2B Analytics

B2B companies are continuously under pressure to meet customer expectations, which was earlier a major concern for only B2C companies. Our vast experience in leveraging data analytics for customer experience enhancement puts us in the perfect position to overcome this challenge. We can enable you to increase Customer Lifetime Value while generating quality leads to grow your business.

Our B2B analytics solutions include:

  • Campaign Effectiveness Measurement
  • Lead Generation and Lead Scoring
  • Account Growth Prediction – Share of Wallet, LTV, and Cross-sell/Upsell
  • Dynamic Pricing and Pricing Optimization
  • Deal Volume Prediction
  • Pipeline Forecasting and Revenue Forecasting
  • Customer Persona – Customer Segmentation and Micro-segmentation
  • Brand Engagement Analytics

Digital Customer Journey Analytics

A holistic perspective of your customers’ journeys is critical to understanding their behaviors and aspirations. We help you monitor and interpret your customers’ digital world paths across different channels. You can intelligently harness deep-dive journey analytics to deliver superior customer experiences.

Our digital customer journey analytics solutions include:

  • Measuring CX
  • Quantifying CX ROI
  • Understanding in-Journey signals
  • Behavioral Segmentation of Customers
  • Reveal friction points
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Understanding what drives NPS
  • Optimize end-to-end journeys

Risk and Fraud Analytics

As TMT companies foray into unexplored territories, untapped markets, unsure alliances, and unfamiliar products, the looming risks of fraud are exacerbated. Our data analytics services are backed by vast domain expertise to ensure your business operates smoothly. We help decouple risk and minimize digital frauds – safeguarding your customers from frauds.

Our risk and fraud analytics services include:

  • AI-driven threat-intelligence
  • Online impersonation and fraud detection
  • Early Warnings Systems
  • Risk Score Cards
  • Anomaly Detection
  • IT Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Analyzing Security Data
  • User Profiling for Surveillance
  • Project Risk Management
  • Vendor Risk Management

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