Enhance your Trade Promotion Spends to Optimize your Business Outcomes

Existing Trade Promo Optimization solutions fail to estimate the true impact or provide optimal recommendations across a client’s complex product portfolio

true lift

True Lift

Estimating True Lift after identifying Baseline sales and considering within-box and cross-box cannibalization

optimize spends

Optimize Spends

Optimizing the trade spends across products for increased sales, margin, or ROI

intuitive interfaces

Intuitive Interface

Lack of user-friendly dashboards and limited predictive capabilities


Better Scalability

Scaling to additional retailers in the same market, additional PPGs, and new customer markets/regions

Introducing Tiger Analytics’ TPO solution to help clients unleash the true potential of their Trade Spends

Tiger Analytics’ Trade Promotion Optimization solution helps organizations calculate baseline sales, estimate true lift, identify within-box and cross-box cannibalization and optimize trade spend for increased sales/margins/ROI

TPO solution helped estimate a 10% increase in sales on a business value of $10 B

and 6% improvement on ROI on trade spends of $1 B

A data-driven approach for your Trade Investments and Tracking it with a Comprehensive set of Key Performance Indicators

Comprehensive Data Sources

The Trade Promo Optimization (TPO) solution considers a multitude of datasets like Seasonality Index, Base Price, Discounts, Display/Catalogue, Cannibalization, Holidays/Events, Distribution, etc. to tease out the impact on the Dependent/Outcome variables

Best-fit Modeling Approaches

We choose appropriate modeling techniques based on the available data and the output accuracy to understand elasticities and baseline sales separately for each zone/region, including exploration of multiple algorithms (e.g. Lasso régression, Bayésien régression model)

Intuitive Insights

The solution comes with a business-friendly frontend user interface with a plethora of pre-built reports & dashboards to consume the findings

  • Dashboards to provide insights into Historical Promotion Effectiveness
  • What-if Scenario Planner tool to estimate true lift considering cannibalization
  • Optimization Calendar to recommend promotional events for PPG items across retail categories

White-Box Solution – No IP Rights

Tiger Analytics’ TPO solution is a white-box solution (unlike productized offerings) that enables you to:

  • Retain the intellectual property & code associated with the solution
  • Build a solution that delivers competitive advantage – not made available to your immediate competition
  • Level up your trend identification process without any license fees

Key Outcomes Delivered

30-50% acceleration in implementation compared to a bespoke approach

Estimated 10% increase in sales on a business value of $10 B and 6% improvement on ROI on trade spends of $1 B

Potential savings on trade spends estimated around $80 M in a span of 5 years

Why Tiger Analytics?

Solution implemented at 15+ leading companies across CPG & Retail domains

Open Box approach to our IP. You get access to our solutions and innovations.

Best of Domain, Technology and Consulting expertise to help drive value realization

Recognized as a leader in delivering advanced analytics solutions by Forrester

Unleash the true potential of your Trade Spend with our TPO solution!

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