Digital and Process Intelligence

Digitally enable process intelligence

The proliferation of digital applications and channels has made it mandatory to merge and analyze the data that flows through them. You need to build a digitally enable process intelligence framework to seamlessly discover, assess, manage, and gain value from your business processes. Only then can you intuitively deliver contextual service experiences that meet the demands of modern customers.

Tiger Analytics helps proliferate data literacy by integrating insights into operational processes and customer journeys. We build analytical applications and data products by using an iterative design thinking-based process to collaborate with businesses. We also equip you to test and learn processes to prove the accuracy and efficiency of models.

Business Benefits

Harness embedded intelligence

Embed intelligent decisions into digital experiences and processes.

Gain more business trust

Overcome business trust barriers involved in leveraging ML algorithms.

Our Unique Approach

Tiger Data Engineering takes a unique approach to overcome barriers in business trust on the decision-making abilities of black-box machine algorithms. Our Data Engineering team decouples the model development and scoring process from the decision services development. We help strengthen your enterprise to handle such scenarios with zero-compromise on performance.

Our Offering

Consulting and Advisory

  • Design thinking-led digital and AI-driven process transformation
  • Customer journey and experience design


  • Digital experience design and development (customer analytics integration)
  • Customer journey orchestration platform implementation
  • Process automation and intelligence (integrated decision services)
  • Fraud decision services (digital applications)
  • Chatbot development and integration
  • Web and mobile application development
  • Application deployment and enhancements

Transform to digitally enable process intelligence with ease

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