Case Study Industry: Life Sciences

ML model to understand the root cause of therapy discontinuation

Tiger Analytics helped a Fortune 500 pharma company understand the drivers behind therapy discontinuation at the patient level and in designing targeted programs for improving patient adherence.

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Global pharma’s engagement solution delivers 75% HCP response boost

Tiger Analytics’ strategy for a global pharma enhanced HCP engagement and amplified its market reach and efficiency.

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AI-powered early detection of rare diseases for global pharma

Tiger Analytics’ AI/ML pinpointed rare disease patients early, enhancing treatments for a global pharma.

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From 12 hours to 40 minutes: Reduced processing time for a Life Sciences giant

Tiger Analytics built a fully integrated, robust and standardized cloud ecosystem to enable advanced analytics.

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Transforming time-to-market for a global mobility solutions provider

Global mobility solutions providers face challenges with slow time-to-market, data inefficiencies and bottlenecked processes.

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Data and analytics platform leveraging Amazon Redshift for a global pharmaceutical major

A leading US pharmaceutical firm aimed to shift from on-premises infrastructure to a centralized cloud data ecosystem.

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