Automated Performance Insights On 25,000 Merchant Partners Worldwide Every Month

Case Study

Automated Monthly Performance Insights
on 25,000 Merchant Partners Worldwide

Business Objective

Our client is a Fortune 500 global business in the card and payments space.

Their objective was to develop a reporting platform which could automate quarterly business review reports that included performance insights on 25,000 merchants. They also wanted to use the available data to identify new metrics that enhance the business value of the reports for the various stakeholders.


  • A database running into Petabytes with many tables
  • A large number of attributes associated with each transaction such as click stream, demographic, and purchase data.

Solution Methodology

  • Evaluated consistency of existing metrics and then identified key metrics and dimensions which could enhance the quarterly business reports
  • Key metrics and dimensions included:
    • Merchant versus industry view
    • Country view
    • Mobile versus web view
  • The report answered questions such as:
    • How is a merchant performing versus a peer?
    • Is there a select geography which is performing poorly?
    • What is the merchant’s performance across different channels?
  • Built a reporting framework which allowed to extract and visualize insights on a dashboard as well as in a PDF report shareable over email.

Business Impact

  • A 50% reduction in the time taken to produce the business review reports, with enhanced metrics. Insights on 25,000 merchant partners from multiple geographies are provided monthly.
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