Monetization Intelligence for a large media house using GCP

Case Study

Monetization Intelligence for a large media house using GCP 

Business Objective

Our client is a giant in the Indian media landscape for more than 30 years and is also the country’s leading media conglomerate.

The client was looking to develop a comprehensive understanding of user viewing behavior for smarter programming and advertisement solutions. They were also looking for a solution to optimize their TV Ad Plan based on the available data and to help them intelligently decide on the quotation for the ad.


  • Difficulty in data migration and data re-ingestion
  • Concurrency performance issues post data load

Solution Methodology 

  • Leveraged Spark, Hive, and HBase components on Dataproc service to build the core Data Pipelines.
  • Orchestrated the entire workflow using an in-house supported Scala application which is hosted as a containerized service on GKE.
  • Built a reporting framework integrated with BigQuery for serving the end business consumers with reports with minimal latency.

Business Impact

  • The solution was highly scalable with very high accuracy, thereby enabling the customer to optimize their TV ad plan.
  • The solution also helped the business with the option of providing required data of quotations and then intelligently deciding on the quotation of the ad.
  • It also greatly increased the ability of the customer to generate better revenue by delivering ads at the appropriate time.
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