Modern Data Management Platform Leads To Increased Sales & Improved Leasing Performance For A Property Management Firm

Case Study

Modern Data Management Platform Leads To Increased Retail Sales And Improved Leasing Performance For A Large Property Management Firm

Business Objective

Our client is a leading property management firm involved in the buying or selling of single-family homes to retail and institutional buyers. The client wanted to build a modern data management platform with functional data marts for providing business insights for Real Estate Sales and Leasing.


  • No single source of truth since most of the enterprise reporting requirements was solved by Adhoc SQLs directly running on disparate source systems
  • No proper means to measure the velocity of the sales pipeline

Solution Methodology 

  • Built various functional data marts that can scale and support multiple business lines, such as real estate sales, marketing (supply & demand), end-to-end real estate investment platform from acquisition, leasing, and property maintenance
  • Built the data lake on a cloud infrastructure that supports elastic storage and computes capabilities
  • Enriched internal data with external data sources

Business Impact

  • Increased the sales of properties by improving supply and demand visibility
  • Improved the efficiency of leasing performance by measuring the velocity of property pipeline from acquisition to leasing
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