Case Study

Improving Search Ranks of Priority SKU’s through an ML-based Search Algorithm

Business Objective

Our client is a global food pet food major. The client wanted to decode the search algorithm to have the right share of voice.

The client specifically wanted to-

  • Identify tactics to be employed by retailers
  • Optimize paid search investments
  • Understand the interplay of search and content


  • Search rank algorithm varies by retailers
  • Decoding black-box search algorithm
  • Retailers continuously work towards improving the search algorithm

Solution Methodology 

  • Factors impacting search across retailers – Pricing & promotions, availability, content, paid search, sales velocity, ratings and reviews, fulfillment, listing metrics
  • Leveraging ML techniques to decode the search algorithms across retailers
  • Build scenario planner to measure the impact changes that can improve search rank

Business Impact

  • Improved search rank of priority SKU at Amazon resulted in savings of $10 mn
  • Potential to generate $50 mn over next 3 years for Amazon and $150 for top 4 retailers
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