Centralized Analytics Platform with Control Tower/Central Hubs to drive Data Analytics across the organization for a 3PL company

Case Study

Centralized Analytics Platform with Control Tower/Central Hubs to drive Data Analytics across the organization for a 3PL Company

Business Objective

Our client is a leading 3PL trucking and logistics company. The client had a siloed BI platform with static dashboards and excel-based reporting that lacked real-time updates. It also lacked the ability to support Independent Business Owners(IBOs) and carriers with comprehensive views of transactions and pricing.

The client wanted to:

  • Create a control tower/central hub with the required technology across the organization value chain to drive Data Analytics
  • Set up processes to capture and use transportation data for internal (sales, finance, business executives) as well as external stakeholders (agents, IBOs, customers)


  • Tight timelines preventing a one-go implementation of the process
  • Lack of documentation and manual excel reports
  • Existing data issues (data accuracy, missing data) resulting in delays

Solution Methodology 

  • Provided end-to-end ownership and delivery across key levers aiding BI integration across the organizational value chain
  • Used a two-pronged approach for information delivery and user adoption.
  • For Information delivery:
    • Delivered information through various dashboards across the organization’s value chain
    • Delivered scheduled reports through the SQL Reporting portal (SSRS)
    • Created pulse alerts for KPIs to send emails to stakeholders
    • Managed all the BI requests on their ticketing portal (on Agiloft) that included requests from across the entire value chain (end customers, sales reps, IBOs, internal stakeholders)
  • For user adoption:
    • Created modular dashboards that could be embedded into third-party applications thereby driving adoption among client’s agents and business partners
    • Rolled out newsletters for key stakeholders and client’s business partners, agents, IBOs
    • Shared Information in the form of interactive dashboards with drill-down options as against static reports

Business Impact

  • Created control towers for stakeholders across the value chain and provided enterprise-wide data coverage and business-friendly dashboards
  • Tuned reports and cubes performance, for e.g. a Cube that was 37GB and took 9 hours to build was reduced to 15GB with a build time of 3 hours
  • Delivered multiple use cases including a freight analysis tool and revamped their existing pricing platform to drive user adoption
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