Accurate Ad-Serving through Cross-Device Mapping

Case Study

Cross-Device Mapping to Increase Relevance of Digital Ads and Command Premium Pricing

Business Objective

Our client is a leading digital media company that is transforming mobile advertisingthrough data-driven predictive solutions.The critical need was to identify individuals across multiple devices they use, to maintaincontinuity of context while serving relevant advertisements.


  • There is not just one source of data that could give all insights required for such transformation.
  • Even if relevant sources and data partners are identified, defining a structuredpath from data to insights is not easy due to multiple constraints (least of which is blending the sources).

Solution Methodology

  • Evaluated different graph databases for the client’s use cases considering factorssuch as query latency, big data scalability, performance tuning capability, andcost-effectiveness
  • Setup graph database cluster and ingested hundreds of GBs of data
  • Performed infrastructure estimation, data pre-processing, data-integrity verification, performance tuning, REST API development, and API authentication
  • Deployed the graph database cluster in production using DCOS (Data CenterOperating System) with options to provide Oauth2 authentication and load balancing

Business Impact

  • The client is able to bridge online and offline channels allowing for better-targeted ads. This allows them to command a premium from advertisers through the accurate serving of ads acrossdevice-location-time combinations at an individual level.
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