CASE STUDY September 17, 2023

Identifying Repeat Callers Delivers USD 2M in Operational Savings


Business Objective

Our client is a major provider of health insurance plans in the US. For its members, reaching out to the call center is the most common way to resolve any issue regarding healthcare plans. The Head of Customer Service wanted to identify analytical opportunities to reduce occurrences of repeat calls by predicting members that are at high risk of calling repeatedly.

More specifically, the client wanted to:

  • Develop a predictive model to flag members who are at high risk of making a repeat call
  • Identify top drivers that cause a member to call repeatedly
  • Alert and enable advocates to realistically engage with customers to avoid repeat calls


  • Defining a repeat call considering a range of call topics and different intervals between the calls
  • Deciding upon the right intervention strategy and tool to display repeat caller’s information
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