Global Analytics & BI Platform Leads to 75% Improvement in Data Access and Insights for a Leading Automotive Distributor and Retailer

Business Objective

Our client is a leading Automotive Distributor and Retailer. The client had a siloed platform with different reporting structures across the market and no standard KPI definitions. Their existing platform did not support advanced analytics and BI.

Hence, the client wanted to build global analytics and BI Platform that:
• Acts as a single source of the truth
• Has globally standardized KPI definitions
• Supports advanced analytics and handles real-time data

  • Differences in reporting numbers across the market because of lack of a single version of the truth and standardized KPI definitions
  • Financial reporting data and other customer data were not linked with the customer analytics data platform
  • Architecture did not support advanced analytics, siloed structure led to a proliferation of local solutions across geographies

Solution Methodology
  • Assessed the existing platform through workshops and provided the blueprint architecture including Cloud Platform selection, to-be architecture, and roadmap
  • Designed and deployed a scalable end-to-end data pipeline enabling users to perform advanced analytics and BI reporting
  • Assessed the existing data inventory and proposed a suitable roadmap to implement a governance layer for effective data lineage and metadata management
  • Evaluated and recommended right toolsets to be used along with data governance
Business Impact
  • 75% improvement in gaining the data access and deriving insights by the business users

  • Global solution with standardized KPI definitions eliminated the discrepancies in the reporting and any proliferation of local solutions

  • Scalable platform supported advanced analytics and real-time data

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