Designing an Omnichannel Trade Architecture for a large Global Food Company

Business Objective

Our client is a global food major. The client wanted to transform the trade generation model to make it pay-for-performance in order to –

  • Remain fair and equitable to all customers
  • Reward better-performing customers with higher trade investments
  • Incentivize account teams to focus more on digital commerce business in line with the direction of the market
  • Identifying omnichannel KPIs to measure the performance of retailers in a fair and equitable manner
  • Ensuring data availability & reliability for selected KPIs for Top 25 retailers
  • Driving change and adoption through the organization

Solution Methodology
  • Evaluated all performance KPIs across various buckets such as omnichannel sales, growth, distribution & online availability, product innovation, etc
  • Finalized KPIs based on ‘fair & equitable’ premise, data availability, and growth orientation
  • Built models to forecast trade funds for 3-years based on past performance of the selected omnichannel KPIs
  • Simulated trade funds for various performance scenarios to drive negotiations with the customer teams
  • Supported the change management by effectively engaging the stakeholders leveraging Tiger’s Omni Ways of Working
Business Impact
  • Potential reduction in strategic funds from 55% to 30% over a 3-year period

  • Generated insights to drive trade negotiations with customers

  • Uncovered $150 mn over-investment in trade for 5 retailers (in progress for 20 retailers) to be realized over the next 5 years

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