COVID19 Impact Monitoring for a Major Life Insurance Company

Business Objective

Our client is a leading US-based life insurance provider. The spread of the COVID19 virus in the US was massive. The client needed an interactive tool to monitor the spread of the virus across geographies, particularly in the areas near their 100+ US offices. Developing this tool was critical to

1. Understand and minimize the impact of COVID19 on their business

2. Optimize efforts to improve prospect acquisition and customer retention[/vc_column_text]

  • A lot was riding on this tool, as several business decisions would be taken based on the information captured in it. Hence it was critical to provide a quick turnaround
  • Since this situation was unprecedented, the requirements were not clear and required a collaborative approach towards making frequent scope changes

Solution Methodology
  • Partnered with the client to identify the right data sources analyzing COVID19 impact – google analytics, newspaper websites, public open sites
  • Leveraged open-source tool (R Shiny) to build a highly interactive dashboard with geography-level views across metrics – number of active cases, number of tests conducted/doctor visits, distance traveled, change in the number of healthcare professionals, etc.
  • Used AGILE methodology to quickly incorporate the rapidly changing requirements
  • Automated the entire process for dashboards to refresh daily, to enable the C-Level executives to track the spread and impact of the pandemic
Business Impact
  • The tool enabled the client to take critical downstream business decisions during the pandemic

      • Augment accelerated underwriting in red zones identified using COVID Impact Index
      • Optimize efforts to improve customer retention and employee well being
  • Building the tool with open-source software was cost-effective

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