BI Solution for Leasing and Property Management Enables Efficient day-to-day decisions for a Property Management firm

Business Objective

Our client is a leading property management firm involved in buying or selling of Single-Family Homes to Retail and Institutional buyers. They wanted a dashboarding solution for Leasing & Property Management Operations.

The client wanted to have a comprehensive BI solution on their sales, marketing, and lease data to get quick actionable insights. They wanted Tiger to work with the Sales & Operations team to understand pain points and day-to-day challenges encountered and to build BI and visualization to mitigate the same.

  • Large data sets and multiple data sources
  • Lack of availability of historical data
  • Standardizing metric definitions across client teams

Solution Methodology
  • Cleansed and collated Sales (E.g. total published, total in contract, listings attribute changes, etc), Marketing (E.g. certification pipeline, customer channels & types, days on market, etc), and Lease (E.g. new leases vs renewals, days to revenue, effective rent vs market rent) data for analysis.
  • Used the consolidated data as the basis to build enterprise-wide dashboards.
  • Designed dashboards to provide quick actionable insights and help the team in making day-to-day decisions.
  • Cleaned up the existing tableau portal completely and redesigned the existing dashboards keeping the business goals in focus.
Business Impact
  • Provided insights into Supply KPIs – to understand which type of property is selling the fastest & reasons if they are not selling up

  • Provided the team with reasons for a tenant move-out and to take necessary preemptive actions

  • Facilitated lease analysis e.g., Lease Rent Growth%, renewal rate %, etc

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