AWS Redshift powered Marketing Analytics Platform for an Automotive Major

Business Objective

Our client is a leading global provider of mobility solutions. The client wanted to improve overall time to market and accelerate the dashboarding process.

The client also wanted to set up a standard mechanism for data ingestion and improve SQL data processing.

  • Slow time-to-market the reports and dashboards to business users
  • Lack of standard data ingestion mechanism
  • Normalized data models have been a bottleneck
  • SQL heavy data processing slowing down the Development lifecycle
  • Multiple file ingestion mechanisms

Solution Methodology
  • Worked closely with business stakeholders and IT stakeholders to drive strategic initiatives and tactical use cases
  • Leveraged metadata-driven Data Lake Ingestion accelerator to standardize and accelerate data ingestion pipelines
  • Cloud Data platform using AWS Redshift that feeds in data from different data sources first to Amazon S3 and then to target external tables in Redshift
  • Leveraged DBT to accelerate ETL development using Jinja templates and Macros
  • Consolidated file Ingestion patterns
Business Impact
  • Reduced time-to-market from 4 days to 3-4 hours by redesigning the existing data model and eliminating redundancy

  • Improved overall business performance by providing actionable insights

  • Reduced the maintenance cost by implementing a standard data ingestion mechanism

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