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Author: Khyati Bheda

Milestones certainly have a way of making us wonder, cherish, and inspire. Of marveling at what we’ve accomplished, and the ways our perseverance has taken shape. Of walking down memory lane, and reminiscing the many special moments and stories that dot the path. Of nudging us to believe more strongly, to broaden our possibilities. And of making us pause and acknowledge everything that made the journey worthwhile – the people, the experiences, and the learnings.

As Tiger Analytics turns ten this month, I take this opportunity to reflect on, and reiterate, the driving force that has helped build this company. Over the years, we have come to refer to this as the Tiger Way – the operating system of Tiger Analytics. It is the spirit of how we deliver value to our clients and our teams. The Tiger Way fosters an environment that encourages all of us to explore, learn, innovate, and have fun. Our teams come from different backgrounds and bring varied perspectives, but stand united by our values.

Trust in the tribe

Our culture is modeled around mutual respect and a team-first mentality. At the foundation of how we work is a co-creative working environment, where no one is bigger than the team. So how does this idealist philosophy translate on the ground?
– You can find it most prominently in our management style – decisions and initiatives, whether at the organizational level or at a project track level, are heavily consultative in nature
– Implicit from the above is that communication is frequent and transparent
– Processes and systems are designed with clear roles and responsibilities
– We strive for excellence in everything we do, but there’s also room to work with imperfections or reset expectations as warranted

Bias for action

Quintessential to every start-up story is the constancy of challenges that keep popping up along the way. And the mainstay in Tiger’s success story in overcoming these continues to be the ownership and sense of urgency demonstrated by our employees.

At our core, we are problem-solvers, and highly adaptive ones at that. Whether designing solutions for unstructured/evolving analytics use-cases or helping scale our organization – we can invariably be found navigating outside of our comfort zones.

Life beyond work

Tiger is a fast-paced workplace that doesn’t shy away from challenging its people, but not at the cost of a fulfilling life. We’ve always believed that personal well-being is essential for staying energized and engaged at work. This belief sets the tone for the day-to-day ways of working adopted by our teams, employee interactions with their managers and mentors, and design thinking principles applied to our organizational practices/processes.

The Tiger Way was not built by the management or leaders alone, it’s something that all the employees have helped shape, and continue to share responsibility for. Over the course of a decade, we have channeled in immense heart and grit, tackled a variety of ambiguous and first-time problems, and stretched ourselves beyond what we thought capable or possible – to build not just this company, but this culture that we are so proud of. And so, as Tiger steps into its second decade, I am confident that we can take on more and do even better – by upholding the values that have brought us this far.

“No endeavor that is worthwhile is simple in prospect; if it is right, it will be simple in retrospect.” – Edward Teller

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